NAPLES 2.0 and the Euclid Network International Social Innovation Competition

Here we are again! The collective is back after some months in which its members have been engaged in different kind of professional experiences, made some important changes in their lives and continued to expand our knowledge on social innovation tools and models. We are also welcoming our newest member Dmitri Berti, a strategic designer currently based in Trieste, Italy.

In this period we have been actively seeking an opportunity to work together. We have searched for a project in which to combine our skills and personalities in application of the coproduction approach. We were able to find an opportunity with The Euclid Network, a London nonprofit, which launched the Naples 2.0 competition. The competition is seeking the best social innovation ideas for six identified challenges and involves strategic local partners in addressing critical problems of the city.

Dimitri Berti, Christian De Neef, Vincenzo di Maria, Marianna Recchia and Kristina Tool worked together to develop an innovative proposal in response to the challenge following codesign and coproduction principles.

As Euclid’s executive director Filippo Addari explains in an interview the competition is aimed at tackling local problems in Naples, which is “…a symbol of state and market failures, in a place where … social institutions are known for corruption, where there are no large corporations and the place, it seems run by Camorra, I think that is the right place for social innovators to show that they can provide solutions where traditional recipes failed. This is why we are going there.” video decided to work with the association Maestri di Strada, a non profit organisation that operates in the education fields and focuses on marginalised young people in Naples. Its aim is to reduce the school drop out rate in quarters where it exceeds the 30%. Cesare Moreno, one of MdS founders, introduced us to their world and engaged with us in an early brainstorming session, exploring ideas and new business models for the association. In these past months we have been researching, developing and refining our proposal shaped around that conversation.

Please check out  the following links  for information and supporting material on the competition:

Research and case studies

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